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You assume the role of a Refugee of a planet that was the epicentre of the robot uprising. You are travelling the universe to escape your planetary captors and survive, you come across an abandoned robot-controlled space station which you proceed to land at, exhausted of resources and power. Your only choice is to search the station in order to stock up and keep moving on.

Whilst searching the station you come across utility robots performing their duties, they take no notice of you at first. As you walk further into the station you trip an alarm which starts the security program, which calls for reinforcements and starts to activate the stations defences.

Main Features

  • Third Person Stealth Adventure
  • One Core Resource
  • Steampunk Art Style

Game Controls

Arconaut can be played with either keyboard and mouse or gamepad.



Install instructions

Download the File and Extract it. Then start the BLESS.exe.


P3.7.3 10-09-2020.rar 944 MB

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